Bengali Bhetki Fish Fry: Kolkata Bhetki Cutlet

  • Serving: 8
  • Difficulty:


  • Serving
    8 people
  • Preparation
    90 mins
  • Cook time
    20 mins
  • Passive time
    10 mins


  • 8 fillets Zappfresh Kolkata Bhetki Fish Fillet

  • 1 nos Onion Medium Sized

  • 6 nos Garlic Cloves

  • 0.5 inch Ginger

  • 2 nos Green Chilies

  • 0.5 tsp Black Pepper Powder

  • 1 Tbs. Lemon Juice

  • 1 tsp (or as per taste) salt

  • 100 ml (or as required for deep frying) Refined Oil

  • 1 tsp Vinegar

  • 1.5 cup Lukewarm Water

  • 2 nos (for coating) Eggs

  • 1 cup (for coating) Breadcrumbs


Bengali Bhetki Fish Fry is a crunchy deep-fried breadcrumb coated well marinated boneless fish fillet. It’s a perfect evening snack or a wonderful starter recipe, popular in Kolkata, West Bengal as street food. Though we describe it as fish fry since ages it’s actually a recipe of the crispy fish cutlet. In this cutlet recipe, boneless fish fillet basically boneless Zappfresh Kolkata Bhetki Fish fillet is being used to well marinate in lemon juice and onion, ginger, garlic, green chili paste, then nicely coated in breadcrumbs to deep fry it in oil.


Take 1 1/2 cup of lukewarm water in a bowl and put 1 tbsp vinegar to it and then add the Zappfresh Kolkata Bhetki Fish Fillets to it for 10 mins. In between, take a small grinder jar, add 1 medium or 1/2 big size onion, 1/2 inch ginger, 6 garlic cloves, and 2 green chilies to it and make a fine paste(can add 2-3 tbsp water to make a smooth paste). Now take a mixing bowl, first add the onion-ginger-garlic-green chili paste, then add black pepper powder. Then add lemon juice and salt to the mixing bowl. Mix it well together. Now remove the fish fillets from the water and squeeze it gently to make sure water is completely removed. And then add the fillets to the mixing bowl. Then gently mix the fish fillets with the masalas and keep it for marination for 45 mins-1 hr.


When the fish fillets are completely marinated in masalas, take another mixing bowl and add 2 eggs and 1/4 tsp salt to it. If using a double coat of breadcrumbs, add 3 eggs. Beat it well. Now take 1 cup of breadcrumbs and add 1/4 tsp salt to it too. Mix it well. Take the Bhetki fish fillet from the marination, first dip it into the beaten eggs and then coat it nicely with the breadcrumbs. Place this single coated raw fish cutlet on a chopping board and shape it up according to your liking. You can coat the fillets once more for double coating. Keep all the coated raw fish cutlets in the freezer for 15-20 mins to get an awesome crunch.


Take a pan, place it on medium heat, add refined oil for deep frying and let it gets hot. Put the raw fish cutlet in the oil and slow down the flame for frying the fish cutlets correctly. Increase the flame to medium and fry till golden brown. Remove the cutlets from the pan to paper towels to remove excess oil. Serve with tomato ketchup or salad.

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