Goa Prawn Masala

  • Serving: -8
  • Difficulty:


  • Serving
    -8 people
  • Preparation
    25 mins
  • Cook time
    10 mins
  • Passive time
    5 mins


  • 1 Kg Zappfresh ‘Prawns Tiger Medium’

  • 120 ml Groundnut Oil

  • 90 gms Onions

  • 2 Tbs. (or as per taste) Salt

  • 15 nos Whole Red chillies

  • 20 gms Cumin Seeds

  • 5 gms Turmeric

  • 15 nos Cloves

  • 2 nos Cinnamon (1-inch) sticks

  • 30 gms Ginger

  • 90 ml Malt Vinegar



THE PRAWNS: Shell, devein, wash and pat dry the Zappfresh ‘Prawns Tiger Medium’

THE ONIONS: Peel, wash, and slice.

THE PASTE: Scrape, wash and roughly cut ginger. Put this and the remaining ingredients in a blender, add water (approx. 90 ml/ 6 Tbs.) and make a fine paste.



Heat oil in a kadhai or pan, add onions and saute over medium heat until golden brown. Add the paste and bhunno until the fat leaves the masala. Then add prawns and bhunno until cooked and dry. Adjust the seasoning.



Remove to a dish and serve with bread or skewered on toothpicks for cocktails.


*bhunno: use a combination of light stewing, sauteeing and stir-frying

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