Kadhai Murgh: The Scrumptious Dish That The Mughal Emperors Used To Savor

  • Serving: 4
  • Difficulty:


  • Serving
    4 people
  • Preparation
    45 mins
  • Cook time
    22 mins
  • Passive time
    22 mins


  • 0 As per taste Salt

  • 4 gms Fenugreek (Kasoori Methi)

  • 10 gms Garam Masala

  • 30 gms Coriander

  • 40 gms Ginger

  • 4 pcs Green Chillies

  • 1 Kg Tomatoes

  • 6 gms Coriander Seeds

  • 8 pcs Whole Red Chillies

  • 20 gms Garlic Paste

  • 20 gms Ghee

  • 1 Kg Zappfresh Chicken Curry Cut



THE CHICKEN: Unwrap the farm-fresh, scrumptious Zappfresh Curry Cut.

THE VEGETABLES: Wash and chop tomatoes. Remove stems, wash, slit, deseed, and chop the green chilies. Scrape, wash and chop the ginger. Clean, wash and chop the coriander.

THE WHOLE SPICES: Pound red chilies and coriander seeds with a pestle.


COOKING: (20-22 MIN)

Heat ghee in a kadhai, add garlic paste and saute over medium heat until light brown. Add the pounded spices, stir for 30 seconds, add tomatoes, bring to a boil, add green chilies, three-fourths of the ginger and one-third of the chopped coriander, reduce the heat and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Then add chicken, bring to a boil, simmer, stirring occasionally, until the fat leaves the masala, the gravy becomes thick and chicken is tender. Sprinkle garam masala and fenugreek, stir for 2 minutes. Adjust the seasoning.



Remove to a dish, garnish with the remaining ginger and coriander, serve with any Indian bread of your choice.

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