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Welcome to the fresh new meat experience

‘Look, I’m not expecting hygiene, this is India. At least make sure, I don’t see the rats!’. Circa 2014, Deepanshu Manchanda is shopping for fresh meat with an expat friend at the INA Market in New Delhi. His friend’s quip on the notable filth at the market stings because Deep is a meatlover himself, but seen objectively, seems fair enough. It gets him thinking of the unarguably low standards of fresh meat procurement in India. And how everyone has conditioned themselves to the status quo, including friends from abroad, who demand and expect absolute meat hygiene in their own country.

Soon, Deep can’t look at Indian meat the same way again. There’s got to be a better way to serve fresh meat in India. He looks hard in all the right places (and some wrong ones), but sees the same squalor everywhere. One fine day, over the course of a fruitful chat with colleague Shruti Gochchwal, a switch flips within him. He quits his bluechip dayjob and takes it upon himself to change the face of meat supply in India. Soon enough, Shruti follows suit and the first seeds of ZappFresh have been sowed.

First reactions to the idea aren’t that kind. People are glad Deep+Shruti want to helm a game-changing startup. But, fresh meat? Really? They just can’t seem to get the image of a filthy butchershop out of their mind. A fact which in turn inspires D+S, because of the challenge it presents in terms of changing perceptions. Another argument seems to be, why not just be a social middleman who connects meat-suppliers with consumers digitally? A la Uber, Airbnb, Flipkart in their respective spaces. Nope. D+S maintain they’re meatlovers who care enough to want to add value to the meat experience rather than being just cold middlemen. And finally, how will Shruti manage to be an entrepreneur and a woman at the same time, given the stifling mindsets in India?


It’s June 2015.

Welcome to the fresh new meat experience called ZappFresh.

It’s been a year. D+S have happily triumphed every odd and can’t wait to deliver meatlovers with fresh, healthy meat at their fingertips. No more sweating it out in fly-infested meat-markets. Or settling for almost-hygienic meat.

The idea is simple. ZappFresh will only serve meat that D+S would blindly consume themselves. Meat that’s full, evenly spread and meets the harshest standards of hygiene at every step in its life-cycle. Be it the choice of the farm and the stock, the chopping room, the packaging, the certifications or the actual delivery.

All this through hassle-free delivery with a simple call / whatsapp to +91 901–555–33–22.

The face of fresh meat delivery in India is about to change forever. Will you be one of the first ones to be a part of the story?

PS: ZappFresh is currently exclusive to Delhi NCR with plans to expand territory in the pipeline.

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