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10 Signs You Are In A Love Affair With Chicken

Been having those chicken dreams lately. Don’t worry you’re not a sadist. I am sure every non-vegetarian (and vegetarians though they live in complete denial of their carnivorous instincts) have had those moments where they crave something spicy and tadka like a meaty tikka.

Mmn.. are you getting there? Not to worry. As they say, when you crave it, you get it. Hold that thought. I am just talking about food. So here are 10 reasons that justify why you are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with chicken.


1. The thought of a veg momo gives you a sick face.
veg momo sick face

 2. When you go out with your friends you sit with the non-veg gang.

3. Every time a guest comes over; you do a victory dance,
knowing well what mom's going to cook for dinner.

4. Your Pinterest boards are made of 100's of chicken recipes.

5. You always volunteer to do the morning coffee run,
so that you can have a sneaky chicken roll from the cafe.

6. This is what you look like when trying to choose between
nuggets and wings.

7. That moment when you get your Christmas allowance and all
you can think of is how many chicken wings you could hoover.

8. You will appreciate technology only when it's possible to
download KFC from the Internet.

9. You wish you could be him.

10. You just really want to order some chicken right now.


Point is when you look at an egg and all you can think of is a hot plate of BBQ, just remember you got it bad. And what I don’t get is how you’re still sitting here reading this. Hurry and shush those hunger pangs with some yum nugget and mayo combo.

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