15th August - Deliveries start 2:00 PM onwards.


Sparkling Omega-3 rich fish with health that shines through its fine texture and fresh, light flavour. 
Buy fresh fish online. Get it home and feel a wave of pure happiness sweep through your senses. Fresh fish delivery guaranteed on ordering fish online.

Anchovy Fish - Whole

Rs. 5.00

Anchovy Fish - Whole Rs. 140
Basa Fish Fillet

Rs. 8.00

Basa Fish Fillet Rs. 212
Catla Fish - Cut

Rs. 6.00

Catla Fish - Cut Rs. 134
Frozen Vietnamese Basa Fish Fillet Rs. 390
Indian Salmon Fish Rs. 599
Kolkata Bhetki FIllet Rs. 580
Pink Perch / Rani Fish Rs. 165
Prawns Medium Rs. 449
Red Snapper Fillet Rs. 625
Rohu Fish - Cut Rs. 160
Singhara Fillet (Cat Fish) Rs. 480
Sole Fish Fillet Rs. 480