15th August - Deliveries start 2:00 PM onwards.

Why Choose Us!

The ever increasing trend of cooking for and entertaining friends/family from home has the discerning home chef hungry for something more distinguished and of higher quality. Therefore the decision to make our product available to the wider consumer, you, was obvious!

So we set out to create an easy, affordable and user friendly way for you to get access to the types of meats we have been supplying top restaurants and hotels with over the last one year.

Zappfresh products are of the freshest and highest quality and are dispatched in sophisticated packaging systems. 

Each cut of meat is vacuum packed to seal in freshness, set on ice in an insulated cooler, secured with straps and delivered direct to your doorstep. Every piece carries a 100% quality guarantee that ensures the product reaches you with the freshness, quality and service delivery that you would expect from a leading Indian meat supplier.

Why not just buy from the supermarket?

Many people we talk to don't understand different grades of meat and what makes a good cut. At Zappfresh we strive to provide the best product available without all the confusion. We select our high quality meats specifically for colour and tenderness. Just like  the old-fashioned service you used to get from a local butcher, you're buying user friendly portion sizes, so you don't have to worry about slicing up bulk meat or trimming any portions. Our packaging process is thermoform vacuum packaging, which allows for ease of storage while helping the meat's aging process.

At Zappfresh you can buy high quality chicken, mutton, fish, ready-to-eat and cold cuts without leaving home and at a price point lower than supermarkets' regular prices. 

All our meat products are clearly described and labelled, using simple easy to understand descriptions. We tell you what part of the animal it comes from and what kinds of dishes it's best suited to(very soon).

Customer Service Team

If you have a question, need to place a special order or just need some advice then it's likely you'll be passed on to Rakesh.  He's the Zappfresh's front end man who makes sure every enquiry is responded to promptly and your order arrives on time. When not busy with administrative tasks, you'll most likely see him chatting with customers on the website chat box.