To ensure consistent availability of fresh meat, we are redefining practices for the meat industry.

Farm to table, freshness guaranteed

High quality farms

Innovative technologies-Healthy growth of animals-Supervised by specialists

Produce from low quality farms never meets the threshold of quality we provide. Our products come only from high quality farms equipped with innovative technologies to ensure healthy growth of animals. Animals and farms are supervised by food technologists and farm specialists. Animals are fed on high quality vegetarian diet and clean water, and are never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Hygienic slaughter houses

Well-maintained facilities-No Chemicals-No unethical practices

Unlike local mandis that process 8 lakh birds every day under dingy conditions, we process animals hygienically and humanely in spacious and well-maintained slaughterhouses. We don’t use chemicals like chlorine or nitrites to increase shelf life and weight or reduce odor. Slaughtered stock is delivered farm fresh on the same day unlike local markets and butcher shops who resort to unethical practices to prolong storage.

State-of-the-art cold chain supply

Air-chilled products- Free from preservatives- Same-Day Delivery

We partner with India’s leading cold chain operators to ensure a preservative-free freshness lock from the farm to the kitchen table. Meat products are air-chilled with zero water absorption right after slaughter to avoid bacterial growth. The meat that makes it to you is 100% free of preservatives, chemicals and hormone. It’s clean, fresh and tasty.