Fresh meat, delivered right to your doorstep

Tender, fresh, healthy and halal. Zappfresh meats are completely free of antibiotics and hormones, meaning you get great tasting meat with all the freshness and richness found in nature.

Zappfresh provides a full line of premium fresh meat and seafood, and aims to revolutionize the way fresh meat products are procured, managed and consumed.

Along with fresh meat, we provide finger-licking tasty ready-to-eats and marinated meals. As staunch supporters of ethical food safety and sustainability, we operate under FSSAI guidelines in addition to being a 9001:2008 and Halal Certified company.

At the heart of our service, lies a conviction to providing nourishing, healthy food for you and your family. We work exclusively with high quality, government approved farms to deliver wholesome, farm-fresh meat, poultry and seafood to your kitchen.

Our farm-fresh meats have the texture, taste and tenderness that’s hard to find in meats from local supermarkets or butcher shops. Our exclusive, hygienic storage and packaging procedures ensure zero contamination and a freshness lock. Between the farm and your kitchen, nothing changes in freshness or quality.

Know where your meat comes from

Unknown to you, the meat you purchase from the local market has a history not many would digest well. Raised in overcrowded, unhygienic feedlots, animals are purchased in bulk and transported to local mandis where they are sold to slaughterhouses. After getting slaughtered, the stock once again changes hands to traders who further distribute it to local butcher shops, supermarkets and restaurants. There’s no telling where the meat that ends up on your table has been.

At Zappfresh, we eliminate all intermediaries to bring you the freshest meat straight from hygienic farms. No shady slaughterhouses, no traders, no butcher shops. Your fresh meat products are delivered within 2 hours through a unique end-to-end cold chain supply that ensures farm freshness and zero contamination. If you wish to trace any random piece of chicken back to the farm it came from, you can.

“Meats” your expectations to exceed them

Through our impassioned commitment to providing exceptional value and service, we make sure each product we deliver to you goes beyond meeting your expectations. We source our meats from only the best breeds, raised in a hygienic, humane environment. Every meat – chicken, goat, fish – and seafood product is carefully handpicked by food technologists, eliminating any possibility of a subpar product. Any product that does not meet our quality standards is discarded.

“Steaks” have never been higher

Safeguarding your health has never been more important. With the advent of modern food technology, we have seen a catastrophic rise in use of carcinogens, harmful preservatives, artificial flavors and growth hormones. These unnatural compounds pose a serious threat to our health, yet they are used indiscriminately in the food and meat industry. We have set out to change that. We never use preservatives ever. What you get is exactly how nature intended it.,

So cook your favorite dishes and bite into the meaty, succulence of farm fresh meat with no compromises to health or tradition. Bon appétit