Hum Swasth, toh Jag Swasth

Inspired by our own desires to live a happy and healthy life, we believe that serving your family healthy nutritious food is not only our privilege but also our duty. Zappfresh is here to serve you and will continue to keep its doors open to deliver 100% safe and fresh meat at your doorstep. Today, […]

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The Chicken Feast: An Ultimate Ode to Chicken

 Chicken Breast Strips The juiciest and the most indulgent part of the chicken. Chicken Breast is obtained from the breastbone after the wings and back are removed. Fresh & Halal certified chicken makes for the benchmark of high quality meat that Zappfresh stands for. Chicken Breast strips make for a delicious & crispy snack when you are looking for something to binge on in between […]

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5 Foods To Keep You Warm This Winter

Having the right kind of food in your diet is really important because it not only gives you your source of essentials Vitamins, Proteins and minerals but also helps you keep warm and cozy by keeping your body temperature in balance.   1) White Pomfret Fish – Pomfret Fishes are not only the best indulgence for the winter but also are […]

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The real truth behind the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy and complete breakfast can completely change the course of your day and also improve your long-term health. Skipping breakfast because you wake up late or too lazy to make it will drain your energy to carry out your daily tasks. It’s like a fuel […]

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Customers bought into my idea sooner than my family did

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Potato crisps, credit cards, chemicals, cakes, workshops… there’s little 33-year-old Deepanshu Manchanda hasn’t tried to sell. In 2015, he and Shruti Gochhwal, his colleague from digital wallet company Mobikwik where they worked, realised that the on-demand grocery space was booming but there was very little attention being paid to fresh meat delivery. Manchanda tells Amin […]

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