The Chicken Feast: An Ultimate Ode to Chicken

 Chicken Breast Strips The juiciest and the most indulgent part of the chicken. Chicken Breast is obtained from the breastbone after the wings and back are removed. Fresh & Halal certified chicken makes for the benchmark of high quality meat that Zappfresh stands for. Chicken Breast strips make for a delicious & crispy snack when you are looking for something to binge on in between […]

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A crispy snack made of fresh fried chicken, that you just cannot say ‘no’ to. Chilli Garlic Wings are the best party food that anyone could have asked for. Marinated in a concoction of corn flour, wheat flour, red chilli, salt, pepper and lemon, it has to be deep fried for approximately 10 minutes and […]

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Pairing Raw chicken breasts with Healthy Foods

Picky eaters come in all ages. You could be dealing with a 4-year-old or a spouse who doesn’t like green vegetables. Either way, you can choose to hide vegetables in your meals or can improve their nutrition levels by tweaking what they can eat in various ways, with or without them knowing. Most parents opt […]

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