The real truth behind the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy and complete breakfast can completely change the course of your day and also improve your long-term health. Skipping breakfast because you wake up late or too lazy to make it will drain your energy to carry out your daily tasks. It’s like a fuel […]

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For the love of fish, prepared in traditional Indian Bengali style, you have to try the sarson fish tikka! Made from freshwater Basa, it’s farm-to-fork journey is smooth, in crisp and hygienic packaging, ensuring that you get nutritious and flavorful fish. Marinated in a mixture of mustard seeds and fresh lime juice, every fibre of […]

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Zappfresh Food Tips - Fish

Something’s Fishy!!

If you want to store fish for more than a day, first clean it, rub it with salt, turmeric or a dash of vinegar and then freeze. It will stay fresh.

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