Prawns, is a power pack of calcium, vitamins and minerals, and this large crustacean or shrimp has made its way into the top healthiest food in the world. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that prawns should be in the diet as they keep the heart strong. Here are few reasons to add prawns […]

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Zappfresh’s Product Journey

Are you sceptical about the quality of meat you buy from the local butcher shops..?? Well, at Zappfresh, you don’t need to be sceptical.     Direct From Farms The journey of our product starts from high quality farms equipped with innovative technologies to ensure healthy growth of animals. Animals and farms are supervised by […]

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Make Your Meal Complete with Fresh Fish

Let me guess, you love fish, but don’t like the idea of going to the market to buy it because of the smell, right? Most people don’t like it but they do like a yummy fish meal. So, instead of having to shop at the market and dealing with the smell and instead of limiting […]

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